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Winners of 27 licence blocks announced by the OGA

United Kingdom - August 24 2015 The Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) on 18 August 2015 issued a consultation to seek comments on the OGA's strategic plan-level Habitats Regulations…

Luke Gabb, Kevin Gibbs, Uisdean Vass

Fracking operations to be permitted in Protected Areas

United Kingdom - July 27 2015 Clarity has now been provided on where fracking operation may take place. The draft Onshore Hydraulic Fracturing (Protected Areas) Regulations 2015…

Kevin Gibbs, Sara Wex

Lancashire County Council rejects Cuadrilla’s application for fracking at two sites

United Kingdom - June 30 2015 Three barristers, including two QCs, provided competing legal advice on the second of two planning applications in Lancashire as part of the latest…

Kevin Gibbs

Shale gas and oil development in the UK after new legislation in April 2015

United Kingdom - June 19 2015 This article was published in the International Energy Law Review in May 2015 and is designed to provide, in broad terms, an overview of the…

Claire Brook, Kevin Gibbs

Infrastructure Bill amendments and Scottish moratorium on shale gas and oil development

United Kingdom - February 3 2015 On Monday 26 January, 2015 MPs voted to increase restrictions on shale gas and oil extraction at the same time as continuing to try and maximise…

Kevin Gibbs, Uisdean Vass