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Lessons learned from CNIL 2021 sanctions

France - January 27 2022 In 2020, the French data protection authority (so-called "CNIL") fined 11 companies in France (see our article for further details). What happened in…

Emmanuelle Mercier

On-Demand Webinar: EU Whistleblowing Deep-Dive

European Union - January 14 2022 The first to a three-part series of virtual roundtables taking a deep dive into the world of whistleblowing across the EU…

Martin Lüderitz, Sarah Thomas, Richard Yeomans

Immigration Update: How will the changes to UK and EEA visitor rules affect business travel?

European Union, United Kingdom - September 28 2021 Following the changes to the UK's Immigration Rules and the end of free movement between the UK the EEA, business travellers should make sure that…

Sarah Harrop, Natalie McManus, Jens Peters

How to address a request from an employee to work remotely abroad

European Union, France - April 13 2021 COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increase in remote work which is encouraged and has even become mandatory in many countries for positions that enable…

Emmanuelle Mercier

How to prevent psychosocial risks and the potential liability of the employer with the increase of remote work linked to Covid-19?

United Kingdom - March 17 2021 With the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have been led to implement remote work full time for an extended period of time for their employees whose…

Emmanuelle Mercier