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Amended Procurement Bill: Review

United Kingdom - November 9 2022 We expect there to be further and more significant changes as the Bill goes through the Commons. In advance of this, there has been ongoing…

Michael Rainey, Jack Doukov Eustice, Ewan Hutton

The Procurement Bill: Don't Pass Go - The New Debarment Regime

United Kingdom - August 24 2022 This is perhaps one of the most significant developments in the Procurement Bill. There are a number of ways to look at this - it is useful for…

James Damarell, Louise Dobson

The public procurement bidding process in United Kingdom

United Kingdom - May 20 2022 A brief overview of the public procurement bidding process in United Kingdom, including key procedures, notices and amendment of bids.

Louise Dobson, Jack Doukov Eustice, Bill Gilliam

Public Procurement challenges: putting time limits on pause

United Kingdom - October 27 2021 Court judgments often give stark warnings of the dangers of leaving procedural steps to the eleventh hour, in particular of attempting to issue a…

Louise Dobson, Charlotte Pashley

Bop-Me - When can Experts assist in Public Procurement cases?

United Kingdom - July 7 2021 Expert evidence allowed in a public procurement case on a very specific point - Mr Justice Fraser's decision in an interim application in the case of…

Bill Gilliam, Charlotte Parkinson