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On-Demand Webinar: EU Whistleblowing Deep-Dive

European Union - January 14 2022 The first to a three-part series of virtual roundtables taking a deep dive into the world of whistleblowing across the EU…

Sarah Delon-Bouquet, Martin Lüderitz, Sarah Thomas

On-Demand Webinar: Whistleblowing Investigations: Practical Strategy

United Kingdom - September 14 2021 This webinar considers the legal, practical and strategic considerations when running whistleblowing investigations, including culture and inclusion…

Michelle de Kluyver, Al Mangan, Sarah Thomas

Internal investigations as a tool of corporate governance

United Kingdom - August 2 2021 Companies regularly undertake internal investigations in order to identify and manage risk and to demonstrate good corporate governance. In the area…

Michelle de Kluyver, Sarah Thomas

Whistleblowing - prepare for a gale in 2021

United Kingdom - July 23 2021 From this, two key themes emerged on the topic of whistleblowing…

Sarah Thomas

The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices - the government's response

United Kingdom - March 6 2018 The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices (the Review) was published on 12 July 2017. In our first article on the Review, we explained the…

Jamie Hamnett, David Hughes, Sally Hulston, Michael Leftley, Kim Pattullo, Malcolm Pike, Jonathan Fletcher Rogers, Alasdair Simpson