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Companies must fully record working time for their employees - new court decision changes the legal situation in Germany

European Union, Germany - September 27 2022 This decision has taken the German legislator by surprise. The German legislator had only planned to amend the respective law in the course of the…

Elisabeth Sechtem, Jens Peters

Germany: New requirements for employment contracts from 1 August 2022

Germany - July 5 2022 Under the draft bill on implementing the EU Working Conditions Directive, companies are set to become subject to new obligations with regard to the…

Elisabeth Sechtem, Jens Peters

Neue Anforderungen an Arbeitsverträge ab dem 1. August 2022

Germany - July 5 2022 Unternehmen sollen neue Pflichten im Hinblick auf den Nachweis und die Transparenz wesentlicher Arbeitsbedingungen treffen. Zur Umsetzung der…

Elisabeth Sechtem, Jens Peters

On-Demand Webinar: EU Whistleblowing Deep-Dive

European Union - January 14 2022 The first to a three-part series of virtual roundtables taking a deep dive into the world of whistleblowing across the EU…

Sarah Delon-Bouquet, Sarah Thomas, Richard Yeomans

COVID-19: Arbeitsrecht für Arbeitgeber

Germany - May 6 2021 Nachdem in Deutschland in den ersten Wochen des Coronavirus-Ausbruchs im Jahr 2020 in Rekordtempo neue Regelungen in Kraft getreten sind, ebbt die…

Elisabeth Sechtem, Jens Peters