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Smart Meter Update - May 2016

United Kingdom - June 3 2016 The 'DCC Opt-out' was originally proposed in the 2010-11 Smart Metering Prospectus consultation and response, when it seemed likely that an…

Rona Bar-Isaac, Paul Dight, Richard Goodfellow, Mike Hinchliffe

Smart Meter In-Home Display

United Kingdom - February 4 2016 On 4 February 2016, DECC published its response to the August 2015 consultation on whether electricity and gas suppliers could offer consumers an…

Paul Dight, Richard Goodfellow, Mike Hinchliffe

Smart (Meter) Moves

United Kingdom - December 18 2015 In a pre-Christmas bonanza, DECC have published a raft of consultation responses, and three further consultations, on smart metering. The smart…

Paul Dight, Richard Goodfellow

Digital health in the UK

United Kingdom - October 26 2015 Digital Health is the term coined for the convergence of digital technology with the health care sector, healthy living and society. Healthcare like…

David Futter, Fiona Ghosh

New industry body for smart devices

USA - October 26 2015 Over 30 organisations have come together to create The Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF), a collaborative initiative aimed at promoting…

David Futter, Fiona Ghosh