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PPN 05/21 - National Procurement Policy Statement - 5 Key Takeaways

United Kingdom - June 11 2021 Contracting authorities (Authorities) will need to publish procurement pipelines and benchmark their performance against "relevant commercial and…

Michael Rainey, Louise Dobson

The public procurement bidding process in United Kingdom

United Kingdom - May 28 2021 A brief overview of the public procurement bidding process in United Kingdom, including key procedures, notices and amendment of bids.

Louise Dobson, Ryan Geldart

Procurement Reform Green Paper

United Kingdom - December 15 2020 The Cabinet Office has today published the much anticipated Green Paper on 'Transforming public procurement'. The Green Paper declares that the end of…

Michael Rainey, Jonathan Davey, Louise Dobson

Alternative resolution procedures for procurement disputes: the Public Procurement Review Service

United Kingdom - September 9 2020 On 27 August 2020, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) published a list of the latest issues raised and investigated by the Public Procurement Review…

Michael Rainey, Louise Dobson