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The Procurement Bill: Resolving disputes more quickly? We'll still watch this space

United Kingdom - June 27 2022 The next of our detailed posts on the Bill looks at changes for procurement challenges; time limits, remedies and increased transparency on contract…

Michael Rainey

The Procurement Bill: Contract Change - Some Good Stuff But Opportunities Missed?

United Kingdom - June 16 2022 Changes to contracts during their term is one of the areas in which procurement law advice is most frequently sought. The Procurement Bill will make…

Jonathan Davey

The public procurement bidding process in United Kingdom

United Kingdom - May 20 2022 A brief overview of the public procurement bidding process in United Kingdom, including key procedures, notices and amendment of bids.

Louise Dobson, Ryan Geldart, Bill Gilliam

New PPN 08/21 on how to take account of a bidder's approach to payment in the procurement of major contracts

United Kingdom - October 25 2021 On 21 October 2021 the Cabinet Office published a new Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 08/21. It replaces PPN 07/20 which set out how Central Government…

Michael Rainey, Louise Dobson

PPN 05/21 - National Procurement Policy Statement - 5 Key Takeaways

United Kingdom - June 11 2021 Contracting authorities (Authorities) will need to publish procurement pipelines and benchmark their performance against "relevant commercial and…

Michael Rainey, Louise Dobson