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Do you understand your professional indemnity policy?

United Kingdom - February 12 2015 Good Medical Practice as laid down by the General Medical Council provides that a doctor must make sure they have adequate insurance for indemnity…

Some comfort for accountants following the Court of Appeal decision in Mehjoo

United Kingdom - April 7 2014 Accountants can draw some comfort following the recent Court of Appeal decision in Mehjoo v Harben Barker (HB). The Midlands based accountancy firm…

Doctors and social media

United Kingdom - January 20 2014 We take a number of telephone calls and other enquiries each year from doctors and other clinical professionals who call our claims advice line with…

Matthew Wilson

The importance of understanding insurance indemnity arrangements

United Kingdom - October 16 2013 Our experiences of dealing with the defence of claims made against health care organisations and clinical professionals in particular reveal a higher…

When is a solicitor providing services in private practice?

United Kingdom - June 24 2011 Law firms have the benefit of insurance cover which is governed by the Minimum Terms and Conditions.

Angus Turner