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Staying on

United Kingdom - May 8 2014 What happens when a fixed term tenancy comes to an end and the tenant remains in occupation? Are things made worse if the landlord charges rent on…

Car parking rights: lift and shift at your peril

United Kingdom - December 18 2012 Although it does not make any new law, the case of Kettel v Bloomfold Ltd is a timely reminder of the seriousness with which the courts view interference with property rights.

Back to basics - the need for a "term certain"

United Kingdom - November 30 2011 A recent court decision is a reminder of sloppy drafting in leases leading to bizarre outcomes.

Town and village greens: recent significant cases for landowners

United Kingdom - February 3 2011 Land can be registered as a new town or village green (TVG) "if for not less than twenty years a significant number of the inhabitants of any locality, or of any neighbourhood within a locality, have indulged in lawful sports and pastimes [on it] as of right".

Rowena Leary

Town and village greens – some thoughts on Defra’s proposed consultation

United Kingdom - March 19 2010 Defra is planning to consult on a review of the current town and village green ("TVG") registration system this Spring.