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DNARs after Tracey

United Kingdom - August 22 2014 The Court of Appeal's decision requires practitioners involved in end of life care to ensure that the appropriate people are consulted, detailed…

Philip Grey, Jill Mason, Jill Weston

A practical guide to the impact of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Cheshire West

United Kingdom - July 31 2014 Cheshire West changed the interpretation of a Deprivation of Liberty in relation to someone who lacks capacity. As a result, significantly more…

Darryn Hale, Laura Jolley, Jill Mason, Jill Weston

Supreme Court hands down decision on the joint appeals of Cheshire West and P&Q (MIG & MEG) – the Court ruled that all three were deprived of their liberty

United Kingdom - March 19 2014 The Supreme Court handed down the long awaited judgment today in relation P v Cheshire West and Chester Council (& Ors) and P and Q v Surrey County…

Sarah Garrood, Laura Jolley, Jill Mason, Jill Weston

An NHS Trust v Dr A

United Kingdom - October 2 2013 The Honourable Mr Justice Baker gave judgment in this case following a long process. The application was issued in January but the judgment was only…

Ruth Creed, Kevin Duce, Sarah Garrood, Philip Grey, Jill Mason

MHA or MCA – a more flexible approach?

United Kingdom - September 18 2013 Mr Justice Charles handed down this judgment as President of the Upper Tribunal Administrative Appeals Chamber on 6 August. We have saved our briefing…

Ruth Creed, Kevin Duce, Sarah Garrood, Philip Grey, Jill Mason