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Trivial commutation of pension benefits - new rules

United Kingdom - September 1 2009 Many schemes find the current rules about commutation of small "trivial" pensions restrictive.

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Horton v Henry [2014] – pensions and bankruptcy – appeal allowed

United Kingdom - February 19 2015 Of general interest is the appeal in the case of Horton v Henry, on which we reported in our January 2015 update. In Horton, the High Court declined…

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Claims against financial advisers - Shore v Sedgwick Financial Services Limited

United Kingdom - August 26 2009 This decision will be of interest to those involved in claims against financial advisers several years after the advice in question was provided.

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Unincorporated association obtains order for winding-up on prospect of entering PPF - Construction Confederation case

United Kingdom - February 22 2010 In the case of In the matter of Construction Confederation and In the matter of the Insolvency Act 1986 [2009] EWHC 3551 (Ch), the trustees of the Construction Confederation Staff Pension Scheme have obtained an order for winding up of the sponsoring employer, an unincorporated association.

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Horton v Henry [2014] - High Court contradicts earlier case by ruling bankrupt cannot be required to draw pension to pay creditors

United Kingdom - January 26 2015 Declining to follow a 2012 decision, the High Court has ruled that a bankrupt's unexercised rights to draw his pension did not represent income to…

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