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Energy Union - impact on gas

European Union - March 13 2015 The Energy Union as currently proposed has a strong focus on natural gas and will impact the gas sector in a number of ways. The EU has…

Chris Down, Tomas Gärdfors, Jay Modrall, Ben Smith, Charles Whitney

A new reality: living with lower oil prices

Global - January 8 2015 Following a prolonged period of high oil prices, the world must adjust to a ‘new normal’. Opinion as to where the average spot price will hover…

Erol Huseyin, Mauro Mattiuzzo, Neil Q Miller, Geoff Peters

NOCs and IOCs: resolving tensions

Global - March 12 2010 There will be a number of potential investors and stakeholders involved in any oil and gas chain, each bringing their own assets and skills to the negotiating table.

Sherina Petit, Philip Roche