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Bills of lading: to be or not to be a shipper or named receiver – beware the slings and arrows of outrageous (mis) fortune

Global - March 19 2015 In our experience, many “free on board” (FOB) sales are undertaken on standard forms. The sellers take comfort in the fact…

Andrew Robinson

Coastal Shipping Reform – Senate to consider the “blue highway”

Australia - July 29 2015 In our Coastal Shipping Reform infographic we provided a summary of the proposed changes to Australia’s coastal shipping regime as they were…

Dimity Maybury, Melissa Tang

Deregulation in Australia’s bulk wheat export industry

Australia - March 20 2015 In issue 6 of Cultivate, we discussed the windows of opportunity for Australian agribusiness investment. In light of that, we now discuss the…

Shane Bilardi

Ebola virus – mutating issues - and some protective gear for owners and charterers

Africa - November 17 2014 As the West African Ebola virus outbreaks remain uncontrolled, even operators not serving West African routes are now seeking guidance on protective…

Andrew Robinson

Windows of opportunity for Australian agribusiness investment

Australia - December 8 2014 The recently published Innovation & Competitiveness Agenda sets out the Australian federal government's plans to make food and agribusiness a…

Shane Bilardi