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Energy Union - impact on gas

European Union - March 13 2015 The Energy Union as currently proposed has a strong focus on natural gas and will impact the gas sector in a number of ways. The EU has…

Chris Down, Tomas Gärdfors, Jay Modrall, Nick Prowse, Ben Smith

Pipeline financing

Global - March 18 2014 Pipeline projects present challenges that other energy projects do not present. Pipelines can run long distances. They can cross Borders. They can…

Simon Currie

Spotlight on the Turkish and Egyptian power markets

Egypt, Turkey - May 7 2010 They could be hotter than the Middle East in August.

George Gibson

Spotlight on the Tunisian power market

Tunisia - September 28 2009 Diverse energy strategy for the futureTunisia’s demand for energy is growing and consequently the electricity sector is set for further development, expansion and foreign investment.