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EU black and grey lists of high-risk countries back on the agenda

European Union, United Kingdom - September 23 2019 In a resolution published on Thursday, the European Parliament has urged the EU Commission to apply a 'transparent process' in formulating revised…

Zia Ullah

Understanding Free ports - Tax-Exempt Warehouses For High-Value Goods

European Union, Luxembourg, United Kingdom - May 24 2019 Free ports are warehouses in free trade zones, which have become popular for the storage of high-value assets, including art, precious stones, antique…

Daria Solovyeva

Threshold Variations under POCA

United Kingdom - January 7 2020 In November 2019 the National Crime Agency (NCA) published its annual Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) Report for 2018/2019 (the Annual Report). The…

Steve Smith

Estate Agency AML Compliance - Countrywide fined £215,000 and Treasury Select Committee repeats criticism of estate agents as ‘weak link’ in UK AML Regime

United Kingdom - March 27 2019 The news last week that estate agency Countrywide received a £215,000 fine for money-laundering failures from HMRC has prompted many in the industry…

Steve Smith

AML compliance burden on UK financial institutions intensifies as new rules on third country local law conflicts bite

European Union, United Kingdom - September 24 2019 As additional EU rules come into force requiring UK credit and financial institutions with branches and subsidiaries in third countries to identify…

Lorena Dervishi, Zia Ullah