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NCA publishes Annual SARs report - Consent SARs up 50%, but restraints up 150% too.

United Kingdom - November 7 2019 The NCA has published its annual Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) Report for 2018/2019, showing another record increase in the number of SARs for the…

Ruth Paley

Back to Black - but not quite yet: Revised methodology agreed but no new EU blacklist before 2020

European Union, United Kingdom - October 14 2019 As the European Council met today to discuss a revised methodology to be used in the creation of a new EU blacklist of 'high-risk third countries'…

Ruth Paley

AML compliance burden on UK financial institutions intensifies as new rules on third country local law conflicts bite

European Union, United Kingdom - September 24 2019 As additional EU rules come into force requiring UK credit and financial institutions with branches and subsidiaries in third countries to identify…

Lorena Dervishi, Ruth Paley

EU black and grey lists of high-risk countries back on the agenda

European Union, United Kingdom - September 23 2019 In a resolution published on Thursday, the European Parliament has urged the EU Commission to apply a 'transparent process' in formulating revised…

Ruth Paley

More Bucks than Fizz, the Law Commission's SAR reform report

United Kingdom - June 18 2019 The Law Commission has today published its long-awaited report into the Anti-Money Laundering requirements for the reporting of suspicious activity…

Ruth Paley