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Fall in employment tribunal claims: a quirk of timing?

United Kingdom - May 21 2014 In March 2014, we reported a dramatic 79% drop in Employment Tribunal claims (see e-brief) following the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees on…

Food and drink sector hot topic: nutrition and health claims regulation: will Article 13.5 help food businesses?

European Union - February 18 2013 Today EFSA has given unfavorable opinions on a new batch of applications for approval of health claims under the Nutrition and Health Claims…

Food and drink sector hot topic: new guidance on the wording of health claims

United Kingdom - January 4 2013 The Department of Health has released this week informal guidance produced by experts from 17 EU Member States on the key question of how far food…

Food and drink sector hot topic: is the health claims “phoney war” over?

European Union, United Kingdom - December 19 2012 Although the EU Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation has been in force for several years, in practice compliance in relation to health claims has not been required pending approval of the main tranche of ‘general function’ health claims.

UK Department of Health to press ahead with ‘hybrid’ nutrition labelling

United Kingdom - October 24 2012 On 24 October 2012 the UK Department of Health announced that it would press ahead with a “hybrid” system of front-of-pack nutrition labelling for food products.