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UK labour law update - June 2016

European Union, United Kingdom - June 30 2016 The UK has voted to leave the EU. However, up until such time as the UK actually leaves the EU, nothing changes from a legal perspective. The UK…

Thomas Player, Martin Warren

Global labour law update: May 2016

United Kingdom - May 24 2016 The pressure on businesses, particularly global multinationals, to account for their human rights performance, including in their supply chains, is…

Thomas Player, Martin Warren

Putting the brakes on strike action - Introducing the Trade Union Act

United Kingdom - May 12 2016 The Act introduces the following changes to industrial action: - the voting paper must include a summary of the dispute, the period(s) within which…

Thomas Player, Martin Warren

Clear direction - An executive overview of global labour law

Global, OECD - May 9 2016 Global labour relations and practices are under increasing scrutiny. In developed countries, the focus ranges from modern slavery and trafficking to…

Frank Achilles, Philippe Desprès, Thomas Player, Martin Warren

Modern slavery: are you ready to report?

United Kingdom - May 6 2016 The first annual slavery and trafficking statements under the Modern Slavery Act ('Act') are due for qualifying institutions with financial year-ends…

Elizabeth Graves