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What has modern slavery got to do with UK human resources?

United Kingdom - December 16 2014 Adults and children trapped in slavery conjure up stories from centuries past. Unfortunately, it is a modern reality for some, according to…

Jane O'Rourke, Thomas Player, Martin Warren

Calculating holiday pay: overtime, commission and other payments

European Union, United Kingdom - April 17 2014 The EU Working Time Directive entitles employees to take 20 days' paid holiday every year. The UK government increased this allowance to 28 days…

Simon Rice-Birchall

EAT to rule on including overtime in holiday pay

United Kingdom - September 15 2014 The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) held a three day hearing in late July, following which it will rule on whether, both for the future and…

Simon Rice-Birchall

Global labour law - an executive overview

France, Germany, Global, United Kingdom - March 4 2015 Global labour relations and practices are under increasing scrutiny. In developed countries, the focus ranges from modern slavery and trafficking to…

Frank Achilles, Philippe Desprès, Thomas Player, Laura Toscano, Martin Warren

European and national works councils - a practical briefing

European Union - October 15 2014 The establishment of a European Works Council (EWC) is a major step for any business. It is not just that it opens up the prospect of convening…

Frank Achilles, Thomas Player, Martin Warren