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Singapore ramps up data protection requirements around identity cards

Singapore - September 27 2018 Data - legislative reform, consumer concern, regulatory inquiry, and corporate compliance, among other things, have prompted a review of…

Madeleine Parker, Mark Parsons, Khushaal Ved

Japan's plea bargaining system

Japan - April 17 2018 A new plea bargaining system offering reduced penalties to companies that report certain violations and cooperate with government investigations will…

Kathryn Hellings, Wataru Kamoto, Ethan Kate, Peter S. Spivack

The lesser spotted, greatly discussed DPA

Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Singapore, United Kingdom, USA - April 13 2018 On 19 March 2018, Singapore's Parliament ushered in a raft of criminal justice reforms, including the significant introduction of a deferred…

Khushaal Ved

Japanese Bar Association Publishes New Guidance on Foreign Bribery Prevention

Japan, United Kingdom - August 3 2016 In July 2016, the Japanese Federation of Bar Associations ("JFBA") published new guidelines on foreign bribery prevention (the "JFBA Guidelines")…

Kathryn Hellings, Wataru Kamoto, Ethan Kate

Who gets the first bite? Singapore High Court gives primacy to the tribunal where existence of an arbitration agreement is in dispute

Singapore - September 17 2015 In Malini Ventura v Knight Capital Pte Ltd [2015] SGHC 225, the Singapore High Court dismissed an application for an interim injunction staying SIAC…

Jonathan Leach, Henry Winter