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The Trump Transition Team Expands, and Takes Its First Steps In Forming the Players and Policies of the Trump Administration

USA - November 11 2016 The last three days since the election has seen a frenzy of activity as the expanding team of President-elect Donald Trump has begun the process of…

Lance Bultena, Aaron S. Cutler, James Wickett

U.S. Election Outcomes

USA - November 9 2016 Government Relations Alert The surprise election of Donald Trump as President — and the near Republican sweep of contested U.S. Senate elections —…

Robert D. Kyle, James Wickett

114th Congress outlook

USA - January 8 2015 Twenty years ago, two years after the first inauguration of President Clinton, Republicans took control of both houses of Congress for the first time…

John S. Stanton, Aaron S. Cutler, Robert E. Glennon, Kyle Simpson, James Wickett

U.S. budget update: Bipartisan deal may have averted shutdown but more challenges, including debt ceiling and tax extenders, await in the new year

USA - December 23 2013 Last week President Obama signed into law the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, which had earlier broken through the partisan budget logjam in…

John S. Stanton, Charles M. Clapton, C. Michael Gilliland, Robert E. Glennon, James Wickett

U.S. tax reform update: Senate Finance Chairman Baucus issues energy tax reform proposal

USA - December 23 2013 Last week, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus issued a sweeping energy tax reform proposal, which calls for eliminating or phasing out…

John S. Stanton, C. Michael Gilliland, Robert E. Glennon, James Wickett