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Cross-border enforcement of judgments in Hong Kong and the PRC - a new dawn?

Hong Kong - November 14 2022 A wide-ranging mechanism allowing for reciprocal enforcement of judgments in Mainland China and Hong Kong has come one stage closer with the…

Andrew Cobden, James Kwan, Jonathan Leitch, Nigel Sharman

Adopting the CISG - Hong Kong enhances its openness to international trade

Hong Kong - November 7 2022 An important international convention, which promises to free up trade between Hong Kong and some of its most important trading partners, comes into…

Nigel Sharman

Food fight - French and English courts clash over correct law to apply to arbitration agreement

France - October 26 2022 A French court decision in the case of Kabab-Ji v Kout Food issued on 28 September 2022 by France's highest court brings into particularly sharp…

Ben Hornan, Thomas Kendra, Nigel Sharman


Hong Kong - August 17 2022 香港原讼法庭连续两次在裁决中驳回撤销仲裁裁决时限延迟申请,在其中一案中暗示,“为整体司法利益起见”,有必要制定法律在此方面给予法院…

Vanessa Kwok, Nigel Sharman

Rising to the top - Hong Kong Court of Appeal rules that escalation clauses compliance queries are best left to arbitrators

Hong Kong - August 1 2022 The Hong Kong Court of Appeal has confirmed that arguments over "escalation clauses" - multi tiered dispute resolution provisions which require…

James Kwan, Vanessa Kwok, Nigel Sharman