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Federal appeals court holds excess insurers’ coverage not triggered by settlement for less than underlying limits

USA - November 8 2011 On 5 August 2011, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit held that excess coverage was not triggered where the policyholder had settled with the underlying primary insurer for less than the full limits of the primary policies.

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The insured gets the benefit of the doubt

France - November 8 2011 A policyholder requested a disability pension under his/her insurance contract.

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Skiing accident: jurisdiction of the Guarantee Fund of Compulsory Damage Insurances

France - November 8 2011 The Guarantee Fund of Compulsory Damage Insurances (Fonds de garantie des assurances obligatoires de dommages - FGAO) intervenes in various fields such as hunting or road accidents in France, where the liable person is unknown or uninsured (Article L421-1 of the French Insurance Code).

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Designation of "systemically risky" financial

USA - November 8 2011 The Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) is reportedly considering reopening the public comment period on its systemic risk proposals.

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“Under water” - proposed changes to the National Flood Insurance Program

USA - April 21 2011 On 25 January 2011, Rep. Candice Miller introduced the National Flood Insurance Program Termination Act of 2010 to the United States House of Representatives.

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