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Primaries, Polls, and Results: Super Tuesday special edition

USA - March 5 2020 Super Tuesday showed us that you should never underestimate the power of endorsements, electability, and momentum on voters, even in this new era of…

Aaron S. Cutler, Ivan Zapien

Global Britain 2020 and a new UK Trade policy

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - December 17 2019 Following the Conservative Party's landslide victory in the UK General Election, which Boris Johnson won on a promise to "get Brexit done", we can…

Imogen Brooks, Lindsay Brown, Lourdes Catrain, Aline Doussin, H. Deen Kaplan, Benjamin Kostrzewa, Warren H. Maruyama, Hugo Paemen, Beth Peters, Jorge Torres, Jared R. Wessel

USMCA vote in U.S. Congress appears imminent after agreement to change provisions on enforcement, labor, environment, and pharmaceuticals

Canada, Mexico, USA - December 11 2019 Implementing legislation to enact the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is expected to be introduced as early as the week of 16 December…

H. Deen Kaplan, Patrick de Lapérouse, Craig Lewis, Warren H. Maruyama, Chandri Navarro, Juan Francisco Torres Landa Ruffo, Jonathan T. Stoel, M. Jorge Yáñez V., Jared R. Wessel, Ivan Zapien

OFAC issues General Licenses authorizing certain transactions involving the Government of Venezuela

USA, Venezuela - November 8 2019 On 5 November 2019, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued two new general licenses authorizing certain transactions involving the…

Adam Berry, Anthony V. Capobianco, Brian P. Curran, Aleksandar Dukic, Ajay Kuntamukkala, Craig A. Lewis, Warren H. Maruyama, Beth Peters, Stephen F. Propst, Ashley E. Roberts, T. Clark Weymouth

U.S. government issues new executive order targeting Turkey and sanctions the Turkish Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, and others

Turkey, USA - October 16 2019 On 14 October, President Donald Trump issued Executive Order 13894, Blocking Property and Suspending Entry of Certain Persons Contributing to the…

Imogen Brooks, Anthony V. Capobianco, Lourdes Catrain, Jeremie Charles, Brian P. Curran, Aline Doussin, Aleksandar Dukic, H. Deen Kaplan, Ajay Kuntamukkala, Louise Lamb, Craig A. Lewis, Warren H. Maruyama, Chandri Navarro, Beth Peters, Stephen F. Propst, Ashley E. Roberts, Jamie Rogers, Anne Salladin, Jonathan T. Stoel, Jared R. Wessel, T. Clark Weymouth