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Supreme Court expands liability for false statements under the federal securities laws

USA - April 11 2019 On March 27, the Supreme Court issued its much-anticipated decision addressing whether someone who is not the "maker" of a misstatement can…

Jim Conlin, Richard J. Parrino, Ryan M. Philp, Christopher T. Pickens

SEC adopts rule amendments under the FAST Act to modernize and simplify disclosure

USA - April 10 2019 On March 20, the SEC voted to adopt amendments to Regulation S-K and related rules and forms in accordance with its mandate under the Fixing America's…

John B. Beckman, Steve Abrams, C. Alex Bahn, David W. Bonser, Alan L. Dye, Amy Bowerman Freed, Kevin K. Greenslade, Paul Hilton, William I. Intner, Michael McTiernan, Richard J. Parrino, Michael J. Silver, Lillian Tsu

SEC brings enforcement action for violation of "equal or greater prominence" requirement in presentation of non-GAAP financial measures

USA - January 30 2019 The SEC's Division of Enforcement recently instituted cease-and-desist proceedings against a company for violating Section 13(a) of the Exchange Act…

Alan L. Dye, Kevin K. Greenslade, Richard J. Parrino

SEC adopts requirement for disclosure of hedging policies for employees, officers, and directors

USA - January 24 2019 On December 18, 2018, the SEC adopted a requirement for U.S. public companies to provide proxy disclosure of any practices or policies they have…

John B. Beckman, C. Alex Bahn, Alan L. Dye, Amy Bowerman Freed, Kevin K. Greenslade, Paul Hilton, Michael McTiernan, Richard J. Parrino, Tiffany Posil, Lillian Tsu

Effective date approaching for new SEC mining property disclosure regime

USA - January 16 2019 On October 31, 2018, the SEC released comprehensive property disclosure rules for mining registrants that represent the first major change to the…

Paul Hilton, Bill Nunn, Richard J. Parrino