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UK’s Digital Markets Unit: referee has been appointed, now is your chance to help write rules of the game

United Kingdom - April 1 2021 The UK Government has launched the much anticipated Digital Markets Unit (DMU) as a first step towards an “unashamedly pro-competition" regime focused…

Alice Wallace-Wright, Charles Brasted, Christopher Hutton, Robert Gardener.

Collective bargaining for the self-employed - a tough gig?

European Union - January 21 2021 On 6 January 2021, the European Commission published an "Inception Impact Assessment" seeking feedback on an initiative aimed at defining EU…

Zoe Bartlett.

UK's Digital Markets Unit and EU's Digital Markets Act: Divergence in the regulation of the largest online platforms?

European Union, United Kingdom - December 11 2020 The United Kingdom and the European Union are set to take bold strides towards the regulation of digital markets in coming months. While both are…

Charles Brasted, Morven Macaulay, Stelios Charitopoulos, Telha Arshad.

Strengthening the defences: the new UK national security investment screening regime

United Kingdom - November 13 2020 The new legislation replaces stop-gap provisions that had been recently introduced with a stand-alone regime, especially (but not exclusively)…

Christopher Peacock, Mark Jones, Stelios Charitopoulos.

Antitrust, competition, and economic regulation quarterly newsletter - Spring 2020

Africa, Botswana, China, European Union, Hong Kong, Mexico, Namibia, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam - July 6 2020 On 24 March 2020 the Vietnamese government signed off the second decree to Implement the new Law on Competition: Decree No. 35/2020/ND‑CP (Decree 35)…

Adrian Emch, Alan Ramirez Casazza, Alfredo Gómez, Benjamin Holt, Casto González-Páramo, Christopher Peacock, Chuck Loughlin, Dr. Falk Schöning, Edith Ramirez, Eric Paroche, Eugene Low, Ivan Pico, Jeff Olson, Jen Qosja, Justin W. Bernick, Marc Schweda, Mark Jones, Mark Lin, Michele S. Harrington, MIRKA OIKONOMOPOULOU, Myrto Tagara, Ngan Tran, PJ Kaur, Qing Lyu, Raquel Fernandez, Robert F. Baldwin III, Sabrina Borocci, Salomé Cisnal De Ugarte, Stephanie Tsui, Suyong Kim, Suyu Yuan, Tracy Januzzi Penfield, William L. Monts.