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"Thanks... Good Talk" Shortcast

USA - September 1 2022 Ivan and Mark are joined by special guests Albert Morales, Vice President at GQR, and Andrew Drechsler, President at HaystaqDNA, to discuss the Latino…

Ivan Zapien

"Thanks... Good Talk" Shortcast

USA - December 2 2021 Hogan Lovells Podcasts | 02 December 2021 "Thanks... Good Talk" Shortcast Ivan Zapien and Mark Irion focus their shortcast on the issues, people, and…

Ivan Zapien

Consumed - Environment, Sustainability and Governance for consumer companies

Global - April 13 2021 Doing good business means Doing things the right way Consumer companies around the world are incorporating Sustainability, business integrity…

Sahira Khwaja, Christiane Alpers, Cecilia Stahlhut Espinosa, Kelly Tubman Hardy, Stephanie Keen, Chandri Navarro, Mary Anne Sullivan, Florian Unseld

Braving a perfect storm: Avoiding legal and reputational risk associated with CARES Act oversight and investigations

USA - April 30 2020 Businesses across the United States have been battered by the COVID-19 crisis and many companies have been the recipients of unprecedented levels of…

Michael J. Bell, Norm Coleman, Aaron S. Cutler, Ari Fridman, Lillian Hardy, Alexander J. Hoffarth, Peter S. Spivack, James Wickett, Ivan Zapien

Sports and entertainment: Key industry topics surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic

Global - March 23 2020 Starting with the NBA’s suspension of its regular season, professional sports have shuttered around the world. The NHL, MLS, NCAA, MLB, PGA Tour…

Michael J. Kuh, Mark Kurtenbach, Tao Leung, Christopher W. Weigand