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BHR News Flash: Swiss proposal to impose human rights due diligence requirements reaches the next stage of the legislative process

Switzerland - May 24 2018 In December 2017, our blog post discussed how a coalition of Swiss civil society organisations launched the Responsible Business Initiative (“RBI”), i…

Julianne Hughes-Jennett

Reform of the Arbitration Act 1996 and confidentiality: it’s not all about an opt-in

United Kingdom - April 19 2018 In December 2017, the Law Commission launched its Thirteenth Programme of Law Reform. In it, the Law Commission suggests that it might be time to…

Ben Hornan

Switzerland: The next frontier for mandatory human rights due diligence?

Switzerland - December 1 2017 Proposals are being considered to amend the Swiss constitution to require mandatory human rights due diligence for companies based in Switzerland…

Peter Hood, Julianne Hughes-Jennett