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Negotiating M&A transactions in the COVID-19 era: Considerations for navigating new opportunities in uncertain waters

Global - May 22 2020 M&A sale processes often include in-person Management presentations, site visits and meetings With key employees and stakeholders. In the e…

Elizabeth M. Donley, Sarah Shaw, Gabrielle (Gabi) M. Witt

Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Summary of Key International Tax Measures

China, European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, OECD, Poland, United Kingdom, USA - April 20 2020 This Hogan Lovells Global Tax Practice guide gives You a summary of key measures to date for MNEs In China, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico…

Siobhan C. Rausch

Doing Business in the UK: Consumer Sector 2020

European Union, United Kingdom - February 18 2020 The UK’s consumer sector has shown resilience against the backdrop of challenging political and economic conditions. Consumers in the UK remain…

Ben Hornan, Sahira Khwaja, Neil Mirchandani, Aline Doussin, Matthew Felwick, Mark Jones, Valerie Kenyon, Maegen Morrison, Josh Reynolds, Nicholas Roberts, Roger Tym, Eduardo Ustaran, Richard Welfare

What dealmakers need to know about the UK election result and its impact on UK investing in 2020

European Union, United Kingdom - December 13 2019 The result of the UK's third General Election in less than five years marks a significant shift in the political landscape in the world's 5th biggest…

Ben Higson, Richard Diffenthal, Robert Gardener, Peter Watts

Sweeping U.S. Tax Bill Signed Into Law

USA - December 27 2017 The provisions of the new tax law - almost all of which go into effect on January 1, 2018 - represent the most significant revisions to the U.S. tax…

John S. Stanton, Robert E. Glennon, Siobhan C. Rausch, James Wickett