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Environmental Law outlook under a Biden Administration

USA - November 9 2020 The Biden administration, now set to take office in January 2021, will face unprecedented challenges. These challenges, including the coronavirus…

Jennifer Adams, Zach Martinez, Hilary Tompkins

White House Climate Summit and its implications around the globe

Global, USA - April 27 2021 President Biden hosted the Leaders Summit on Climate (Climate Summit) on 22-23 April. The Climate Summit is a next step in the President’s plan to…

Stephanie Fishman, Amy C. Roma, Jonathan T. Stoel, Mary Anne Sullivan, James Wickett, Ivan Zapien

Stepping back to move forward: Biden Administration brings back the Social Cost of Carbon and other greenhouse gases

USA - March 4 2021 On Friday, February 26, the Biden Administration’s newly-resurrected Interagency Working Group on Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases (IWG) announced new…

Jennifer Adams, Sachin Desai, Rob Matsick, Amy C. Roma, Mary Anne Sullivan

Advanced Nuclear Included in Biden’s American Jobs Plan

USA - April 7 2021 On March 31st, President Biden unveiled a massive $2 trillion infrastructure and clean energy plan called the American Jobs Plan that aims, in part…

Sachin Desai, Amy C. Roma

NRC Takes the Next Step in its Consideration of Environmental Justice

USA - September 29 2021 On September 27, the NRC held a public meeting where it invited speakers to present on their experience with environmental justice (EJ) issues and…

Amy C. Roma