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Recent Developments on Cookies - a Pan-European Overview

Belgium, European Union, France, Germany - December 18 2019 The legal requirements for the use of cookies have been subject to discussion over the last few years, with little to no enforcement and guidance...

Wout Olieslagers.

Data class actions in Europe and spotlights in Mexico, Russia and the U.S.

USA, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, European Union, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy - November 21 2019 The General Data Protection Regulation 2016679 (GDPR) provides means to enforce provisions related to personal data processing by you as a data...

Eduardo Ustaran, Omar Guerrero Rodríguez, Patrice Navarro, Manon Cordewener, Dr. Matthias Schweiger, Marek Wroniak, Martin Strauch, Sanne Bouwers, Byron Phillips, Valerie Kenyon, Jorge Francisco Valdés King, Massimiliano Masnada, Jose Luis Huerta, Natalia Gulyaeva, Adam Cooke, Christian Di Mauro, Christine Gateau, Matthew Felwick, Gonzalo F. Gállego, Pauline Faron, Michelle A. Kisloff, Ewa Kacperek, Detlef Hass, Mark Parsons, Alexei Dudko.

A Turning Point for Tech - Global survey on digital regulation

USA, Poland, Russia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, China, European Union, Global, Japan - October 30 2019 Spanning the first six months of 2019 and covering 16 jurisdictions, the survey provides a comprehensive overview of publicly reported legislative...

Ari Q. Fitzgerald, Patrice Navarro, Sherry Gong, Dr Ákos Kovách, Christian Ritz, Oliver Wilson, Lesley Morphet, Rupert Shiers, Hiroto Imai, Myrto Tagara, Piotr Skurzynski, Charles Fuller, Mitsuhiro Yoshimura, Robbie Nakarmi, Michele C. Farquhar, Bret S. Cohen, Ana P Rumualdo Flores, Lan Xu, Julia Sham, Janneke Janssen, Charmayne Sijm, Roland Novozhilov, Mareike Walter, François Zannotti, Logan M. Breed, Natalia Gulyaeva, Alberto Bellan, Christine Gateau, Ruud van der Velden, Gonzalo F. Gállego, Peter Watts, Dr. Falk Schöning, Christelle Coslin, Mark Brennan.

Dutch DPA: Banks May Not Use Payment Data for Marketing Purposes

Netherlands - July 10 2019 In the wake of a recent announcement by a major Dutch bank that it would start providing its customers with personalized advertisements based on their...

Benjamino Blok.

Global Media, Technology and Communications Quarterly - Spring 2019 Edition

Global - May 2 2019 In our first issue of 2019 we include a round-up of our thought leadership from across the firm on issues facing clients this year, including the...

Tony Lin, Eugene Low, Arpan Sura, Sarah K. Leggin, Benedikt Lüthge, Morten Petersenn, Alastair Shaw, Penelope Thornton, Christine Gateau, Peter Watts, Helen Xia, Winston Maxwell, Zhen (Katie) Feng, Trey Hanbury, Mark Parsons, Mark Brennan.