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U.S. Tax Reform Effort Moves Forward

USA - September 28 2017 Yesterday, significant progress was made in moving U.S. tax reform forward. This was in the form of the “Unified Framework for Fixing Our Broke…

Robert E. Glennon, James Wickett

The U.S. Tax Reform and the Energy Sector

USA - March 10 2017 President Donald Trump and Republican Congressional leaders have promised a major reform to the U.S. tax code in 2017. This reform, if anything close…

Robert E. Glennon, James Wickett

U.S. Tax Reform - Border Adjustment Proposal: Current Status, and How Your Company May Be Affected

USA - February 22 2017 On 24 June, 2016, the Republican Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, and House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady released a…

Robert E. Glennon, Robert D. Kyle, James Wickett

Border Adjustability Tax in Peril?

USA - February 13 2017 The future of the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) proposal, a critical element of the House Republican tax reform plan, is in doubt after signs of…

Robert E. Glennon, James Wickett

2017: The Year for U.S. Tax Reform

USA - November 28 2016 In light of the presidential election victory of Republican Donald Trump, and the Republican Party's success in maintaining control of both the U.S…

Robert E. Glennon, James Wickett