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IRS releases final branded prescription drug fee regulations

USA - July 28 2014 On 24 July 2014, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released final regulations to implement Section 9008 of the Affordable Care Act (as amended by…

Alice Valder Curran, Andrew S. Furlow

2017: The Year for U.S. Tax Reform

USA - November 28 2016 In light of the presidential election victory of Republican Donald Trump, and the Republican Party's success in maintaining control of both the U.S…

Robert E. Glennon, James Wickett

U.S. tax reform update: Senate Finance Chairman Baucus issues energy tax reform proposal

USA - December 23 2013 Last week, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus issued a sweeping energy tax reform proposal, which calls for eliminating or phasing out…

W. Michael House, C. Michael Gilliland, Robert E. Glennon, James Wickett

Medical device excise tax - IRS issues revised Form 637 for registration regarding exempt sales for export or use in further manufacturing

USA - September 19 2012 The IRS has just issued the revised Form 637, which provides for registration of a manufacturer which claims exemption from the medical device excise tax for purchases or sales for export or for use in further manufacturing.

Ronald L. Wisor, JR., Stuart M. Langbein, Beth L. Roberts, John J. Smith, Helen R. Trilling

U.S. Tax reform in final stretch

USA - December 6 2017 Significant differences remain between House and Senate versions of bill but Congress is likely to resolve these and send to the president to be…

Robert E. Glennon, James Wickett