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UK private rented sector: white paper published

United Kingdom - June 16 2022 As part of its levelling-up agenda, on 16 June 2022 the government published its long awaited white paper on the reform of the private rented sector…

Tim Reid, Ingrid Stables

Investing in U.K. real estate: ownership transparency

United Kingdom - May 18 2022 The U.K. Real estate market has long been considered a good proposition for overseas investors. Market transparency is high, a robust legal system…

UK landmark reforms in the private rented sector

United Kingdom - May 13 2022 Residential property reform is high on the government's legislative agenda as announced in this week's Queen's Speech. Proposed changes to the rental…

Mathew Ditchburn, David Horan, Ingrid Stables

Is real estate investment under threat?

Netherlands, United Kingdom - May 13 2022 Real Estate Horizons is a snapshot of key legal topics and market trends across the globe.

Carola Houpst, Ingrid Stables

UK government commits to controversial high street rental auctions of vacant premises

United Kingdom - May 12 2022 Despite industry objection to the government's proposed rental auctions scheme for vacant high street premises, the government has published draft…

Mathew Ditchburn, Ingrid Stables