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UK introduces new sanctions measures and extends OFSI reporting obligations

Russia, United Kingdom - July 20 2022 UK Government introduces new sanctions measures and extends the reporting obligations to Cryptoasset exchange and custodian wallet providers. The UK…

Aline Doussin, Simi Malhi

From 15 June the UK sanctions regime will be moving to a strict liability test

United Kingdom - June 13 2022 From 15 June 2022 the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022 will introduce changes to the enforcement of UK sanctions laws that…

Aline Doussin, Harrison Gower, Simi Malhi, Ellie Rees

Blocking Regulation: The first step towards solving the conflict of laws between EU and US sanctions

European Union, USA - January 18 2022 The Court of Justice of the EU has interpreted for the first time the Blocking Regulation. The ruling confirms that it is possible to terminate…

Imogen Brooks, Lourdes Catrain, Aline Doussin, Aleksandar Dukic, Iris C. Z Karaman, Stefan Kirwitzke, Beth Peters, Dr. Falk Schöning, Stéphanie Seeuws, Eleni Theodoropoulou

Insurance Horizons Brochure 2021

Global - July 12 2021 The global pandemic brought a wave of Changes and developments that have Impacted, and continue to impact, the Insurance secto…

Dr. Sébastien Gros, Clare Douglas, Jasmeet Ahuja, Beata Balas-Noszczyk, Kirsten Barber, Sukhvir Basran, James Black, Andrew Carey, Nicola Evans, Christoph Kueppers, Sharon Lewis, Mark Lin, Peter M. Marta, Andrew McGinty, Carlos Ramos Miranda, Paul Otto, Ellie Rees, Birgit Reese, Charles Rix, Jonathan Russell, John Salmon, Lydia Savill, Francesco Stella, Jordan D. Teti, Vanessa Wells, Susan Whitehead, Sherry Xiao

COVID-19: A quick recap of key considerations for products companies

Global - March 20 2020 The rapid spread of COVID-19 and the responses to it worldwide are significantly impacting how we do business. While the exact length and severity of…

Christelle Coslin, Valerie Kenyon