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Did you see that? CCTV recordings and disciplinary investigations

United Kingdom - November 27 2017 A prison officer was dismissed for gross misconduct after a prisoner alleged that she had assaulted him. During the disciplinary investigation the…

Ed Bowyer, Stefan Martin

White lies - incorrect reason for dismissal breach of trust and confidence

United Kingdom - November 27 2017 In Rawlinson v Brightside Group Ltd the EAT considered whether an employee who was given an incorrect reason for his pending dismissal was entitled…

Ed Bowyer, Stefan Martin

Substance not form - TUPE transfer followed share sale

United Kingdom - November 27 2017 Although a share sale does not in itself amount to a TUPE transfer, there may be a variety of reasons why an employee wants to assert that a TUPE…

Ed Bowyer, Stefan Martin

Moving day - botched office move led to harassment claim

United Kingdom - November 20 2017 Conry v Worcestershire Hospital Acute NHS Trust is a reminder that it will normally be sensible to discuss reasonable adjustments with an employee in…

Ed Bowyer, Stefan Martin

Want a fight? Dispute existed when performance concerns raised

United Kingdom - November 20 2017 In Graham v Agilitas IT Solutions Ltd, the EAT considered whether without prejudice privilege applied to conversations in which an employer raised…

Ed Bowyer, Stefan Martin