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By mutual consent - employee allowed to withdraw resignation

United Kingdom - February 13 2012 In considering whether the claimant had brought her unfair dismissal claim in time, the EAT in Chelmsford College Corporation v Teal decided that a unilateral resignation had been withdrawn with the consent of the employer and the employment continued until a further unilateral resignation was accepted by the employer. 

Ed Bowyer, Elizabeth Slattery

Wording of dismissal letter meant employer had to make ex gratia payment

United Kingdom - July 4 2011 In Publicis Consultants v O'Farrell, an employee was dismissed for redundancy with four days' rather than her contractual three months' notice.

Ed Bowyer, Elizabeth Slattery

Intern successfully claims minimum wage and holiday pay

United Kingdom - May 31 2011 There has been another successful Tribunal pay claim by an unpaid intern in the media business.

Ed Bowyer, Elizabeth Slattery

Agency worker could bring discrimination claim against end-user

United Kingdom - April 30 2012 In London Borough of Camden v Pegg the EAT decided that an agency worker could rely on the contract worker provisions in the Disability Discrimination Act (which are largely the same in the Equality Act which has replaced it) to bring a disability discrimination claim against the end-user.

Ed Bowyer, Elizabeth Slattery

Duty of care when making comments about former employees

United Kingdom - May 9 2011 Employee references are a notorious area of potential exposure for businesses.

Ed Bowyer, Elizabeth Slattery