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Application to set aside arbitral award on the mainland not a ground for refusal of enforcement in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - July 6 2022 In Lin Chin Hsiung v Lin Hsiu Fen [2022] HKCFI 1270, the Honourable Madam Justice Mimmie Chan dismissed the respondent's application to set aside an…

Timothy Hill, James Kwan, Nigel Sharman

Talking Point Asia "You're on mute!" top tips for when mediation goes virtual

Asia-Pacific - March 22 2021 Mediation has sometimes been described as a bit like marriage counselling. The mediator, like a counsellor, is there to listen to and facilitate…

Roberta Downey, Timothy Hill, James Kwan, Kent Phillips, Nigel Sharman, Godfrey Yuen

Cardinal duty UK Supreme Court clarifies arbitrators' obligations of impartiality and disclosure

United Kingdom - January 4 2021 The United Kingdom Supreme Court has handed down its much-anticipated judgment in Halliburton Company v. Chubb Bermuda Insurance Ltd [2020] UKSC…

Roberta Downey, Katie Duval, Timothy Hill, James Kwan, Joyce Leung, Kent Phillips, Nathan Searle, Nigel Sharman

Choosing a foreign arbitration institution in China - is the China arbitration market finally opening up?

China, Hong Kong, Singapore - October 14 2020 Arbitration has become an important part of commercial dispute resolution in China. For International investors, arbitration has considerable…

Timothy Hill, James Kwan

Renovation cartels - a word of caution

Hong Kong - September 7 2020 Hong Kong people may be well aware of complaints about renovation cartels in the market for Some time, even before Hong Kong had its competition law…

Janice Cheng, Nigel Sharman