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Insurance Horizons Brochure 2021

Global - July 12 2021 The global pandemic brought a wave of Changes and developments that have Impacted, and continue to impact, the Insurance secto…

Dr. Sébastien Gros, Clare Douglas, Jasmeet Ahuja, Beata Balas-Noszczyk, Kirsten Barber, Sukhvir Basran, James Black, Andrew Carey, Nicola Evans, Christoph Kueppers, Sharon Lewis, Mark Lin, Peter M. Marta, Andrew McGinty, Paul Otto, Ellie Rees, Birgit Reese, Charles Rix, Jamie Rogers, Jonathan Russell, John Salmon, Lydia Savill, Francesco Stella, Jordan D. Teti, Vanessa Wells, Susan Whitehead, Sherry Xiao

New president bans fracking

Mexico - December 24 2018 In his inaugural address, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that fracking will be prohibited in Mexico. This prohibition had already…

Mexico election report: What private investors need to know

Mexico - November 27 2018 Since the dawn of his campaign, Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (a.k.a AMLO) — Mexico’s now President-elect — has consistently sent mixed messages to…

Greg Hill

U.S. Crude Oil Exports - issue 3: international impact of increased U.S. crude oil exports

USA - September 3 2015 In recent issues of our alert series covering U.S. Crude Oil Exports we have reported on the possibility of the U.S. Congress removing the export ban…

Luke Edney, Richard Tyler

U.S. crude oil exports - issue 1: getting started

USA - August 20 2015 Just as bills have begun to move through both the House of Representatives and the Senate that would lift the longstanding ban on the export of U.S…

Seth Robert Belzley, David W. Locascio, Kyle Simpson, Richard Tyler