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(Sexual) harassment at the workplace

Netherlands - October 6 2022 Despite the rise of the #MeToo-movement in 2017, examples of sexual harassment are - unfortunately - still numerous. Research by the Dutch Central…

Imane Azdad, Maria Benbrahim, Daan Koenrades

Prinsjesdag: The Dutch Government’s key employment law-related plans for 2023

Netherlands - September 23 2022 On 20 September, the Dutch Government presented their key plans and the distribution of the national budget for the coming year. This blog provides an…

Imane Azdad, Maria Benbrahim, Daan Koenrades

Dutch Employment know how update

Netherlands - September 1 2022 This update provides an overview of the latest important developments in Dutch Employment legislation and case law. Legislative proposals…

Imane Azdad, Maria Benbrahim, Daan Koenrades

The Heiploeg-ruling; the Dutch pre-pack practice approved by the European Court of Justice?

European Union, Netherlands - May 2 2022 On 28 April 2022, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) published its long awaited Heiploeg ruling. In this ruling the ECJ ruled that a pre-pack is…

Imane Azdad, Maria Benbrahim, Daan Koenrades

Een leven lang leren - Nieuw scholingsbudget voor werknemers, ondernemers en werkzoekenden

Netherlands - January 18 2022 De Nederlandse regering heeft aangekondigd dat vanaf 1 maart 2022 zowel werknemers, ondernemers, als werkzoekenden, die een band hebben met de…

Imane Azdad, Maria Benbrahim