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Blocking Regulation: The first step towards solving the conflict of laws between EU and US sanctions

European Union, USA - January 18 2022 The Court of Justice of the EU has interpreted for the first time the Blocking Regulation. The ruling confirms that it is possible to terminate…

Imogen Brooks, Lourdes Catrain, Aleksandar Dukic, Iris C. Z Karaman, Stefan Kirwitzke, Beth Peters, Jamie Rogers, Dr. Falk Schöning, Stéphanie Seeuws, Eleni Theodoropoulou

The UK’s Department for International Trade publish export control enforcement data for 2021

United Kingdom - January 12 2022 Between March and November 2021 HMRC issued compound penalties in respect of unlicensed exports of dual use goods, military goods and related activity…

Imogen Brooks, Iris C. Z Karaman, Simi Malhi

The EU broadens scope of sanctions on Belarus

Belarus, European Union - November 17 2021 The EU has expanded the listing criteria for specific designations under the Belarus sanctions regime that targets those that facilitate illegal…

Imogen Brooks, Iris C. Z Karaman

Afghanistan: OFSI issues updated charity sector guidance on additional sanctions and remittance

Afghanistan, United Kingdom - November 5 2021 On 1 November 2021, the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) published an updated charity sector guidance regarding the UK’s…

Imogen Brooks, Iris C. Z Karaman

The EU and UK adopt additional comprehensive sanctions on Belarus

European Union, United Kingdom - August 16 2021 The European Union and the United Kingdom have each significantly expanded the scope of their sanctions against Belarus in response to the forced…

Imogen Brooks, Lourdes Catrain, Iris C. Z Karaman, Stéphanie Seeuws, Eleni Theodoropoulou