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Hong Kong Competition Commission brings first court case on resale price maintenance

Hong Kong - September 30 2022 For the first time since the Competition Ordinance came into effect, the Hong Kong Competition Commission (HKCC) has commenced court proceedings…

PJ Kaur, Stephanie Tsui

SAMR delegates merger review powers

China - August 30 2022 Yesterday, on 29 August 2022, clearance for the FAW/Refire joint venture transaction was announced on one of the websites of the Chinese antitrust…

Jingwen Hou, Qing Lyu

Die Reform des chinesischen Antimonopolgesetzes - "Big Bang" in der Fusionskontrolle

China - July 27 2022 Am 24. Juni 2022 verabschiedete der Ständige Ausschuss des Nationalen Volkskongresses Chinas die Überarbeitung des Antimonopolgesetzes ("AMG"). Das…

Jingwen Hou, Qing Lyu, Dr. Florian von Schreitter, Christoph Wünschmann

The revision of the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law - ‘big bang’ in merger control

China - July 18 2022 The AML reform brings about significant changes to Chinese merger control. Modifications to the notification thresholds and clarifications on the…

Jingwen Hou, Qing Lyu

The revision of the chinese anti-monopoly law - abuse of dominance, of IPR and of administrative powers

China - July 15 2022 There are relatively few changes in the draft regulations implementing the revised Anti-Monopoly Law in the areas of abuse of dominance, abuse of IPRs…

Jingwen Hou, Qing Lyu