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COVID-19 Inquiry Spotlight Sessions

United Kingdom - March 24 2022 We will help you to understand how the COVID-19 Inquiry might affect you and your business, and we will be joined by special guests who will deliver…

Charles Arrand

What does the UK COVID-19 Inquiry mean for insurance companies and policyholders?

United Kingdom - February 10 2022 The insurance industry typically has a significant role to play in public inquiries, and in this article we consider this from the perspective of…

Connor Bates

The UK Government’s COVID-19 Inquiry: Political tactics or best practice?

United Kingdom - December 21 2021 On 12 May 2021, Prime Minister Boris Johnson committed to holding a Public Inquiry into COVID-19 that will place "the state's actions under the…

Hannah Howard

What will the COVID Inquiry look at and who will it involve?

United Kingdom - May 18 2021 Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent announcement in Parliament, it is now certain that there will be a Public Inquiry into the handling…

Joanne Sear

Covid-19 Business Interruption: High Court Judgment in FCA Test Case

United Kingdom - September 25 2020 The keenly awaited Judgment was handed down this week in a test case brought by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which sought to clarify the…

Susie Wakefield