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UK COVID-19 Inquiry - Who should be planning for Module 2?

United Kingdom - September 14 2022 On 31 August 2022, the UK COVID-19 Inquiry (“the Inquiry”) opened its second Module. Module 2 will examine the political and administrative decision…

Hannah Howard

COVID-19 Inquiry - Terms of Reference published

United Kingdom - June 30 2022 The Prime Minister has approved, and government has published the long-awaited final terms of reference for the COVID-19 Inquiry. The inquiry…

Hayley Saunders

COVID-19: Impact on the UK Education sector

United Kingdom - June 23 2022 Education has been particularly badly affected by worldwide COVID-19 restrictions, with 184 country-wide school closures, leaving 1.53 billion out of…

Lorna Jolly

How will the UK COVID-19 Inquiry be structured?

United Kingdom - February 22 2022 As we await a formal announcement about how the UK COVID-19 Inquiry will be structured, we compare the different approaches that have been adopted by…

Hannah Frost

Business and the draft Terms of Reference for the UK COVID-19 Inquiry

United Kingdom - February 22 2022 On 10 March 2022, the Cabinet Office published the long-awaited draft Terms of Reference for the UK COVID-19 Inquiry. In this article we consider the…

Connor Bates