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Tricky issues: When is misconduct ‘gross misconduct’?

United Kingdom - January 7 2021 Misconduct is one of the five potentially fair reasons an employer must have to dismiss an employee fairly. In this context, misconduct usually…

Laura Wright

Promises, promises: when are employers bound?

United Kingdom - November 28 2016 Following Donald Trump's US presidential election victory, the world waits to see which campaign promises will be delivered and which will fall by…

Jonathan Naylor

The Kickstart Scheme - are you eligible?

United Kingdom - September 8 2020 Rishi Sunak presented his Plan for Jobs on 8 July 2020. The Kickstart Scheme forms part of that plan in a move to create hundreds of thousands of new…

Steph Pye

Holiday entitlement and pay for furloughed workers clarified

United Kingdom - May 19 2020 The government has recently issued guidance on furloughed workers’ holiday entitlement and holiday pay during the coronavirus pandemic, a topic…

Chloe Squibb

How to run a grievance hearing

United Kingdom - April 30 2020 Resolving workplace issues at an early stage ensures matters are dealt with amicably avoiding possible future problems. In the next of our ‘How To’…

Navi Atwal