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More baggage for employers to handle when calculating holiday pay

European Union, United Kingdom - March 1 2022 Holiday pay cases continue to make their way through the court system. One of the most significant of these, brought by Mr Smith against Pimlico…

Jo Tunnicliff

Five tricky issues when calculating holiday pay

European Union, United Kingdom - November 22 2021 Calculating holiday pay can be a difficult and complicated area of employment law to navigate. There have been a number of notable cases handed down…

Jo Tunnicliff

When and how should employers be using a Data Protection Impact Assessment?

United Kingdom - June 10 2021 A Data Protection Impact Assessment (“DPIA”) is a process which helps employers to identify, analyse and minimise the data protection risks of a…

Jo Tunnicliff

Rules on accrual of holiday clarified

European Union, United Kingdom - April 29 2021 There have been a number of significant rulings on the topic of holiday pay over recent years and Smith v Pimlico Plumbings Ltd is the newest…

Inayah Noormahomed

Top tips for employers: How to manage delays in disciplinary processes

United Kingdom - March 3 2021 This is the second article in our 2021 Tricky Issues Series. We will be looking at the five most common causes of delays in Disciplinary processes…

Stephanie Pye