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HR Data: How to transfer employment data outside of the UK

European Union, United Kingdom - June 16 2022 The rules about international data transfers have changed significantly in recent times. Consequently, these changes have impacted the way that…

Rachel Ashwood

HR Data: How to Comply With Your Data Protection Obligations Whilst Your Staff Work Remotely

United Kingdom - October 30 2020 Over the last few months - in response to the challenges brought about by COVID-19 - the working world has changed, with many employers requiring…

Rachel Ashwood

HR Data: How to Prepare an Effective Staff Privacy Notice

United Kingdom - September 28 2020 Employers must notify their staff about their personal data handling processes. Typically, this is done through a privacy notice…

Rachel Ashwood

HR Data - How to Handle Special Categories of Personal Data

United Kingdom - August 24 2020 Employers should be mindful of the enhanced obligations and conditions that apply to their processing of "special categories" of personal data (often…

Rachel Ashwood

HR Data - How to Implement a Legitimate Interests Assessment

United Kingdom - July 23 2020 An employer should only collect and further process personal data where it has an appropriate legal ground for doing so…

Rachel Ashwood