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Why clarity is vital in an overage agreement

United Kingdom - November 29 2019 Overage agreements have been in the news, with a court case that highlights the need for clear, unambiguous definitions about what triggers a payment…

Andrew Williamson.

Government consultation could result in generational change in law around private renting

United Kingdom - August 5 2019 Currently landlords can serve a notice to quit on tenants living under a residential assured shorthold tenancy (AST) with only two months notice and…

Andrew Williamson.

Are your agricultural tenant workers planted for life?

United Kingdom - April 3 2019 Offering your workers accommodation on your farm can be convenient for both parties - until you want your property back. It might seem that the law is…

Shelley King.

Inheritance and verbal promises: how to avoid disputes

United Kingdom - August 8 2018 Disputes over inheritance are common, especially if promises are made verbally, so families must tread carefully to avoid legal claims. The recent…

Andrew Williamson.

Five ideas to improve the home buying and selling process

United Kingdom - January 24 2018 Reforming the home buying and selling process will require some fresh thinking and a more innovative approach, so we have submitted a consultation…

Amy Lynch.