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The Regulatory Initiatives Grid - consumer credit and payments

United Kingdom - March 23 2023 The latest Regulatory Initiatives Grid was recently published by the FCA and sets out the regulatory pipeline over a 24-month horizon (covering a…

Regulatory pipeline 2023 and beyond - the Regulatory Initiatives Grid

United Kingdom - March 21 2023 The FCA recently published the fourth edition of its annual overview and plan for ongoing and upcoming regulatory initiatives (143 in total!) The…

Jonathan Charwat

Change in Control

United Kingdom - January 16 2023 As early as possible in a corporate transaction, you or one of your team should check the Financial Services Register (the "FCA Register"). The FCA…

Changes incoming - Improving the Appointed Representatives regime

United Kingdom - November 24 2022 The FCA's changes to improve the appointed representatives regime takes effect on 8 December 2022. The changes are aimed at enhancing consumer pr…

Angela Udeh

What if the CEO asks me about... Buy-Now-Pay-Later promotions?

United Kingdom - November 3 2022 As consumers battle with the rising cost of living, many face difficult decisions about how they will finance their spending. The increasingly popular…

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